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Weekly Wednesday Night Ladies Night!

Every Wednesday Night

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

$ 70

Quantum Human Design birthchart, Aura color reading, and 30 min relaxing soundbath with Courtney.

Quantum Human Design birthchart: discover more about how you process emotions, chakra energy, and your soul theme. Recorded chart reading from Christine Cardoza (2 days before the sound bath when booked in advance)

Aura Colour reading: Courtney, our certified energy healer and sound bath practitioner, will share what colour aura she sees around you in the group soundbath with some insights on what chakra it is connected to.

Crystal Sound Bowls plus varied instruments are used in the frequency Soundbath.

You are bathed in healing 432hz sounds in our dead sea salt cave.

No water is used in a soundbath.

This is a really fun event to experience on your own, or with besties, birthday parties, or Bachlorettes.

You'll learn a lot about yourself and go home feeling super relaxed from this intuitive sound healing session!

Inner Self Healing 101

Starts Week of February 12, 2024

A six week Inner Self Healing Course that uses energy work and self regulation tools to calm the body.

We will explore Frequency healing, Muscle Testing, Breathwork, Boundaries, Triggers, Emotional Ladder, Chakra knowledge, Tissue salts, tips on how to solve emotional conflicts, and help with anxiety or depression.

German New Medicine info on emotional core roots will be shared as well throughout the course, as applicable.

All participants will receive a recorded Quantum Human Design birth chart reading for more insights and inner-standing on how you process energy, emotions, trusting your intuition, and shadow aspects.

6 Weeks Online - Facilitated by Christine Cardoza

This course will be run through Canadian Centre for Learning


Canadian entre for Learning

The Authentic Soul Community

The Authentic Soul Community is a place

to learn, get curious, have fun, ask questions and practice new skills

with positive like-minded community.

Two Community Calls Each Week:



Soul Aligned Business

Get Clear So People Can See You! Through the lens of Quantum Human Design and German New Medicine we look at how you can build your business from a place of your unique Authentic strengths. Know your aspects, your gifts, and your shadows so that you can feel strong and confident in who you are and what you have to offer. We get crystal clear on how you can communicate to your audience, your best collaborations, and offers that light you up and have impact.



In-To-Me-See: Intimacy & Communication

We explore relationship development - how to communicate in authentic and effective ways in our relationships. We look at ways we can honour ourselves and others in our communication styles to create more harmony. We learn how to distinguish what feels good in our own body and how to communicate our needs to others in a way that feels safe.

$ 84.00 CAD per month

Available Online Courses & Workshops

Healing the Chakras
Healing from Fundamental Religion and Narcissistic Relationships
Seps to Self Healing from Trauma and Dissociation

Programs for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Quantum Human Design

Quantum Human Design Readings for

Personal & Business

Learn your strengths, who you best help, what your main soul themes are for this lifetime based on the exact time, date and location of your birth. Gain some clarity & look at some solutions to feel more empowered!

Packages available:

· Quantum Energy Clearing w/Reading
· 4-hr Business Pampering Day

· Business Coaching Based on Your Human Design

Own Your Lane

Coaching Business

Training & Support

Coaching Business Training & Support

Personalized Program

4 month guided Training Program to develop

your unique Coaching Business

Does a business helping people with emotional regulation tools interest you?

Do you currently have a healing or coaching business and feel numb or uninspired?

Do you want to feel deeply connected to your transformational offerings?

Do you want to feel nurtured as you grow in developing your business?

The Real Royal You

An Expansion Program for Entrepreneurs

Growth support for business owners and leaders who are expanding their impact

You take care of others, let us take care of YOU so that you can truly bring all of yourself to your work and your life. Your next level will require a new level of intimacy (into-me-see), new depths of understanding, and a larger capacity to expand. The Real Royal You program is designed to support you through that process as you find levels of greater awareness & inner confidence.

Naked Alchemy

Naked Alchemy is our signature transformative program designed to

help you create a deeper relationship with yourself and others from an authentic soul level

Naked Alchemy is a safe space to get curious about yourself, go deep, have fun, be playful, be vulnerable

on deeper level to heal old patterns that are holding you back from living your best life!

" "The Emotional Cleanse", this 3 week course really opened up my emotional closet. I whole heartily recommend Christine Cardoza! Recognizing and figuring out all the locked up emotions and how to come to terms with them. Being able to open up and understand where these feelings/emotions came from is just the beginning to what Christine offers surg this course.

It was amazingly good!!

I also recommend Christine for her life coaching skills for people who have escaped a cult (Jehovah's Witness specifically for me), and her Healing Soul School for bringing me to a beautiful space of spiritual and personal fulfillment.

I think the main thing I can say about Christine is she saw me down in the deep dark pit, and she didn't hesitate to jump down there with me, because she knew the way out. So much love I have for this woman! Thank you Christine!

Love you so much Christine! Thank you for everything!

Please keep me informed when you have other courses and stuff. I know I will want to continue learning and growing with this knowledge."

~ Lani A. Law

"I did a birth chart reading with Christine. It was super cool!!! Very informative as to who I am and how I fit into this world. Christine did an amazing job of interpreting my chart for me and we had an awesome video call where she really took the time to help me understand what some of the parts meant for me and how I can reframe my mind to get rid of bad energies, and help move forward clearly towards my ultimate purpose! Thank you very much Christine!!!

Totally recommend this!!!"

~ Jason O.

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