Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms is a safe space for healing old dysfunctional patterns and soul expansion.

A fun, new level of self healing and self awareness!

*Quantum Reflexology

*Quantum Energy Healing

*Two Salt Rooms to calm the Nervous System

*Acupressure bed

*Lower Chakra Healing

*Salt Room Soundbath Sanctuary

*Naked Alchemy - Self Mastery coach training course

*Sacral Business Expansion

*Healing Mother/Father wounds

*Event space for Retreats

We're not your average spa. We're here to help you relax & listen to your body
A safe space for shadow work

Shift and lift to your next greater version of you!

Are you blocked from receiving pleasure, abundance, or joy?

Are you in overwhelm? Rebirthing stage?

Do you know there's more out there for you but you're not

sure how to access it or who to ask for help?

We're a team of intuitive healers to guide you on your

Self Healing or Self Discovery journey.

How to feel empowered from within!

Owner: Christine Cardoza

If you hurt emotionally or physically, we are a safe,

nurturing, non judgmental healing space.

Only you can heal yourself. We guide your path with easy to follow tools for self regulation + expansion

Welcome! I am Christine Cardoza, owner & soul guide.

I was born and raised in Kitchener. I have traveled to over

35 countries for work and play before 2020.

I love dancing, meeting new people, and a good beach party!

After a deep dive to heal my own childhood trauma, depression, & feminine issues, my heart is to help others end their emotional suffering and shift into expansion. Be your support team while you're creating new healthy patterns, innerstanding who you really are (Quantum Human Design reading), and how to live from an empowered state.

Being in the Quantum flow as the creator of your reality.

I am an intuitive Business Coach, Intimacy and Relationship guide, Quantum Energy worker and Human Design reader

I am studying root causes in German New Medicine

Services Offered

Large Salt Room

Physical Therapy Room

Small Salt Room

Single Salt Room Session

$40/pp (2-8ppl $30/pp) 45 min session

Kids are free with adult

$300 for 10 session package

Quantum Reflexology

$110~1-1.5 Hour session in salt room

$33 to add personalized essential oil blend

See about page for bio

Quantum Human Design Reading with Quantum Energy Clearing

$150 90 min Quantum Human Design reading & inner healing with Christine in the salt room. Learn how you process your energy, your emotions, and what your main soul themes are for this lifetime. Helps to clear what is on your mind and look at some solutions to feel more empowered! Sound bath Quantum energy clearing for the lower 3 chakras included

See about page for bio

Relaxing Massage

$130~60 minute RMT Energy Body Massage

in the salt room Tuesday or Wednesdays.

Calm the nervous system, learn more about your body's pain messages, and reset your mind - Message via our website chat window to set up massage time and day

Salt Room Soundbath

$70 60min 432hz Sound bath in the salt room

Listen to beautiful body attuning instruments while you lay and relax in our zero gravity chairs

Float off in your mind to other dimensions,

leaving feeling relaxed and refreshed. Frequency healing is the quickest way to bring your body back into a calm state. Helps with insomnia, burnout, or body pains!

Healing Salt Room Sleepover

$500~7pm to 11am (2 ppl) 2 Healing Sessions

Sacral Soundbath & Quantum Energy session

Quantum Human Design Reading
Additional people $150/pp

Pampered Package

Multi visit package $440 reg $530 includes
1. Reflexology with Ewa

2. Human Design reading & Sound bath
All sessions are done in the salt room.

Approx 90 min each.

P.E.M.F. Bed

Large Salt Room

Acupressure Bed

Guided Coaching Programs

Book a complimentary call with

Christine via our chat window or email to see if a guided program is a fit for you.

Inner Harmony

$275/week~12 week guided life coaching to clear energy blocks, heal burnout,

inner & soul body connection.

It takes time to reset your nervous system.

Chakra and energy healing lessons.

Sacral clearing and inner confidence.

Group + 1:1 sessions online or in person

In spa includes salt room.

Phone support included for 3 months to rebuild new neural pathways/patterns, plus community for support & accountability.

Naked Alchemy

$225/week ~ 6 month guided plan

Self mastery & awareness =

Better Emotional Intimacy and confidence

A path on how to love & express yourself

at work, home, or in the bedroom.

Naked Alchemy is discovering the truth of who you are, innerstand your own patterns and emotional waves. Tantra skills for deeper intimacy in all relationships.

Helps with addiction to porn or stress -

easing the body out of fight/flight patterns

Want to create more breakthroughs for clients?
Become one of our Naked Alchemy coaches

See Naked Alchemy tab for course info

and book a complimentary call with

Christine via our chat window or email


** all sessions include a salt room session**

**Salt room available for private rentals for workshops or special occasions

such as birthdays, bachelorette parties or a fun friend's night out** up to 8 ppl

Add a Sound Bath Practitioner in the salt room or for private bookings (Starting $350) for home, school, or office!

Why Us?

The Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms offers a calm, serene and relaxing atmosphere. We offer a variety of Holistic treatment techniques which are effective, natural and mutually complementary to help relieve ailments and to help restore natural state of health & well-being by gently stimulating the body’s inherent abilities to heal itself.

Our services are tailored for each individual client's needs. Further, our clients are informed how to take responsibility to maintain their own well-being and achieve optimal health.

Our approach to well-being restoration is holistic and views the entire human being. We apply a range of natural therapeutic techniques with inclusion of the most modern technologies. We have combined complementary therapies with no known side effects.

All our practitioners are trained Certified and support their expertise with many years of proven success.



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