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Christine Cardoza's Bio

Christine Cardoza is an Intuitive Business Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, and Emotional or Sacral Intimacy Coach .

Christine is on a mission to help others end any emotional suffering and build emotional intelligence. Christine activates entrepreneurs serving others, intuitives, empaths, cycle-breakers, and healers, heal from the inside out,

release blocks, increase your self worth to match your desires, and become magnetic to the life, love, and success you want. When we know thyself and thy patterns, we can release the fear and dysfunctional patterns of the past.

She was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON Canada by a loving single Mother. She never knew her dad and lived with a core root of abandonment and rejection that affected all areas of her life. She grew up 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness, left at 13, then married + divorced into a Baptist family. She was loved by her family, but grew up feeling like she didn't have her own voice, had to walk on eggshells, and totally thought she was adopted (lol)

In 2018 Christine started to learn how to heal her own depression cycles by following the @theholisticpsychologist. Through this time she had a Spiritual Awakening and her intuitive abilities began to come in stronger. She studied the brain and effects of our childhood programming to heal the depression and a fear of being seen (criticism, rejection, or insert JW door to door jokes here lol) she learned about Quantum healing and how to tap into our inner consciousness.

Christine Cardoza is also the co founder of the Healing Soul School where the Naked Alchemy program began in September 2021. Want to learn how to begin healing yourself? Check out her free EBook 'Steps to Self-Healing

(from trauma and dissociation) on: www.healingsoulschool.com

She is a speaker, author, parent, has traveled the world, and loves salsa dancing. Some of the nicknames clients have given her are Spirit Mama, Christine of the Orgasm, Oracle girl, Midwife for adults, and Soul Travel Guide (she used to be a travel agent)

A message from the owner

Christine Cardoza

The vision of Oasis of Healing Spa is to be a safe place for whole body and soul growth.

Unlearn & relearn who we really are from a soul level.

Physical and Emotional Healing for your soul's expansion!

I created guided plans that focus on lower chakra healing & expansion-in a fun way.

We've done enough 'healing' - shift into self discovery and life feels easier!

Emotional Alignment (3 months) to calm the nervous system out of flight, flight,
freeze, fawn (people pleasing) or f**K (using sex or substance as a coping method),
rewire old conditioned patterns, grounding, intuition, and energy clearing skills,

heal burnout, know thyself, awaken more vitality and joy in your life

Naked Alchemy (6 months) Includes Emotional Alignment skills, plus better communication,

deeper intimacy, and sacred sexuality.

Other services: Spa days or Workshops designed for relaxation, connecting to our soul, and our magnetic sacral energy within. Private facility rental for workshops or retreats.

I am an Intuitive Business Coach & Sacral Energy Alchemist. As an intuitive problem solver, visionary and channel, my team and I read what your body is saying, discover what is in your sacral chakra (sexual organs) for business or new ideas, heal any generational trauma, uncover what your soul may be here to create or experience, and ways to bring you more bliss or pleasure. We are our own best healers and when we learn how to access our own conscious energy, we feel good from the inside out, and are unstoppable.

I have been a helper & fixer my whole life. I love helping people end any emotional pain or confusion to connect to the soul self, especially if you've been in therapy or 'healing' a long time. Increased amounts of joy, pleasure, and sex are always a benefit of working with us! #nakedalchemy

As a guide and visionary, I help you get really clear on your conscious awareness path and remove any emotional or energetic weeds so that you can align with your authentic passion or vision. In a session, we work together in the emotional and energetic body.

When you move from repel energy to pull energy in your Torus electromagnetic field, your life expands in all areas. By doing the inner work, the manifestations you actually want can show up once you are in the frequency of believing that you deserve them on a subconscious level.

Learning new patterns to be able to live from a place of joy and contentment in the present moment vs a roller coaster of emotions like feeling good, then feeling low. For those looking to learn how to express themselves more, our services will definitely help you with that!

I created a self discovery course called Naked Alchemy for singles or couples wanting to take their relationship to the next level. How to connect consciously in our relationships. Learn how to develop secure relationship skills, find a Conscious partner who innerstands the importance of being present, or how to ask for what we really want without fear.

Feel safe to share healthy vulnerability, awakening deeper intimacy, and sacred sexuality. A fun way to increase self awareness, and connection to Spirit.

For Business owners - I am a teacher at heart. With over 30 years of entrepreneur, management, and corporate experience, I look for ways to connect you to where you want to be in the quickest way possible.

I listen to your subconscious to clear what's holding you back, rewire healthy mindset patterns, calm your nervous system and connect to your higher self.

By keeping an eye on your nervous system and core beliefs based on early child programming, we can release self sabotage patterns. The feeling of excitement rises when your path is clear and you feel supported, seen, & heard.

A Business Mentoring Spa day is available by appointment only.

In the session, I teach heart led entrepreneurs and changemakers how to increase your confidence, create packages & prices that are in line with your nervous system, and heal roots that keep you playing small. The authentic parts of our younger selves that learned to hide from fear, shame, not feeling safe to speak our truth and how to heal triggers.

I was raised in a lot of fear, which led to insecurities, alcohol and sex addiction. The old story of having to behave in a certain way to be approved of, or organized religion saying you are only worthy if you follow their rules. In reality, we are worthy and whole just as we are, not based on what someone else says. Our past paves the way for our soul to discover how we can help others. One thing I knew - the frequency of a scarcity mindset

keeps us from growing - and we are meant for so much more!

You didn't come here for normal. I hold your hand as we elevate you, or your business and heal any parts of your past that may trip you up. Everything that happened has a purpose and a gift. Our greatest resistance is where our greatest gifts and power are, what we came to earth to evolve and heal. We all have unmet needs and stories we took on in childhood that led to unhealthy habits. It's time to use your gifts from the past, harness your inner alchemical energy and intuition to your advantage, shine bright in your business,

where the people you are meant to help can find you.

The world needs your magic!

Meet some of our Practitioners


Ewa Klimczak is our Oasis Reflexologist with over 25 years of experience. Ewa's loving focus is to spark the body's own natural healing abilities. A reflexology session date is possible for 2 people.

Massaging your feet and calves allows for a flow of energy to open up along your meridians. This is great for fluid retention, fatigue, digestion issues, anyone who stands on their feet for work, plus a myriad of other health benefits. The salt room opens up the respiratory system and calms the nervous system.

Ewa's Reflexology sessions are done in the big salt room and includes Essential Oils & a bonus of Quantum Touch Posture Alignment.

Optional add on: Aromatherapy Insight Card reading to create your own Personal Essential Oil blend roller to take home for support after your visit!


Christine Cardoza is an Intuitive problem solver, coach trainer, spiritual guide, Quantum Energy healer, body symptom reader, especially in the lower 3 chakras,

Soul business guidance or vision help with Quantum Human Design, plus German New Medicine core roots

Christine's Quantum Human Design reading in the salt room will give you a sense of clarity, release stress or struggles, and will guide you on your next level of awareness in business or intimate relationships. Christine works mainly in the sacral chakra around abandonment or dysfunctional coping methods or patterns. She hand writes a plan of action on how you can help yourself at home after your session.

Christine trains healers and coaches how to use their own modalities to create better breakthroughs for clients. She also trains emotional body coaches to work with us in her Naked Alchemy program.

1:1 or group coaching available. Send an email to start the conversation and if Naked Alchemy is a good fit for you.

You are your own greatest healer!

We guide you in the places you can't see.

A bridge between the spiritual and physical realm.


Rachelle Wheatley is a sound therapy practitioner offering private and group sound baths to promote wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Her musical performances assist in deep meditation and journeying.

Rachelle uses her voice along with a variety of instruments to create sweet subtle sounds and mysterious nature-evoking timbres.

She brings in practices of Andean Shamanism and

Traditional Chinese Medicine into her work.
Nature is her guide.

In Rachelle's spare time, you will find her spending time with her family, spirit deep in her music making, studying herbal medicine or drinking tea.


"Every time I'm in the salt room, it takes me to a magical place. Last year I did not get sick once ... I think it might have been because I used their salt room every week:) The owner takes much care in making sure you have a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Being in their salt room is an enchanting experience which takes my meditation to a much deeper place."

~Kinga. B.

"This is an amazing new and natural therapy for people like me who have been suffering forever from allergies and chronic sinusitis. Just few sessions cleared my earache and sinuses"

~Patricia A.

"I feel that my six sessions at the Healing Oasis completely rejuvenated me and kick-started my body into healing and weight-loss. The most amazing result was reduction in the appearance of spider veins on my legs. I have had them for over five years from a skiing accident with no change but by the end of my time with the spa, they were noticeably fewer."

~Anna R.P.

"When I first picked up the phone several years ago and called Oasis of Healing for a reflexology and aromatherapy appointment, little did I know that together we were setting out on a journey that would gradually transform my life. With the expert touch, most of the tension in my body was released. Through conversation that was both caring and patient, we worked our way past a lot more, too, and I was able to move forward with my life’s program. Keep up the wonderful work!"

~Karen B.

"Hi. My legs are so much better !! I had a great sleep too ...so thank you so much for the wonderful treatment .....like you always give!!"


"I’m so grateful to have met you, my treatment has been very beneficial and my foot is doing much better! I will be in touch with you soon to make another appointment."


"It has been difficult to watch our son cough for 6 months and not being able to find a remedy. We were relieved when Halotherapy finally brought the desired results for him. We find that each treatment at the Spa not only brings about cough relief but also results in an inner calm. We have also received suggestions for complementary therapies and remedies. My son always looks forward to his next visit remembering all the fun he has had with the 'magical' fountain and in the children's salt therapy room."


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