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Cancellation policy: We want to serve as many clients as we can, so please cancel your appointment if you’re sure it’s no longer necessary 24 hours prior to its scheduled time. Not cancelling your appointment or late cancellations will be considered as a session has been used.

December, 2018
The Salt Therapy now on Groupon
..and more health supporting therapies. Please, see below

Introducing Shareable Halotherapy 

The Shareable offer available till January 31, 2019 

Shareable five (5) or ten (10) of 45 minutes (each session) of HaloTherapy. 
Buy a package of 5 or 10 sessions and use it for yourself or share with family
or friends. 

5 sessions $125 plus HST
10 sessions $200 plus HST

A Thank You Discount Coupon 

 Note: One coupon per person.
Coupon valid till January 31, 2019 

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Also, enjoy session on our therapeutic machines to support your wellbeing

Theramax - Infrared Thermal Acupressure Massager 
* Session 12min - $10
* Session 40min - $30

PEMF / iMRS Pulse Electromagnetical Field Therapy Intelligent Magnetic Stimulation 
* Session 8min - $10 
* Session 16min - $15 
* Session 24min - $25 
* 10 Sessions 24min each - $150, Save $ 100

Whole Body Vibration Plate 
* Session 10min - $5

To book your appointment contact us Call: 519-589-7258 Email to:
Please note that we have 24 hr cancellation policy.

Restorative Yoga in the Salt Room

Guiding You Through Rediscovering Your True Wellness

Restorative Yoga Classes are on Tuesdays at 1PM 
90 minutes each class, only $30 per class

To reserve session call 519-589-7258 or email

• Deeply relaxes the body
• Improves capacity for healing and balancing
• Balances the nervous system
• Boosts the immune system
• Enhances mood state
• Benefit from Full and Deep Stretches
• Find out Where You Hold Your Stress
• Trim Fat and Lose Weight
• Quiet Your Mind
• Heal Emotional Pain 
• Cleanses lungs

 In addition each week of moving, stretching, strengthening in spine, relaxing in the mind and tuning into the body is an opportunity to become more mindful, receptive, curious and tapped into the mind-body intelligence.
 Join Selam in 90 min classes and strengthen your immune, respiratory and nervous system preventing colds, flues, allergies, stress and more!
As each class comes to an end, Selam sings a song to help you fully relax.

About the Restorative & Youth Salt Yoga Teacher


Selam Debs is a Mother, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Writer, Thinker, Activist and Yoga & Wellness Professional.
Selam has always been a seeker, in search of answers to life’s greatest questions. Through her journey, she has come to believe that there is no greater importance and gift in life than finding life purpose and aligning with one’s Highest Self. This purpose not only creates a passionate and fulfilling life, but serves and uplifts others, community and ultimately one’s World. Selam was introduced to Yoga 10 years ago; she immediately resonated with the philosophy and mindfulness. Yoga literally changed the trajectory of her life when she moved away from the corporate world and found true happiness becoming the entrepreneur and Yoga Therapist. Selam shares with love her passions, gifts, and talents in ways in which they can be used for service to others. As a singer, Selam is absolutely love singing for her students to inspire growth and awareness.

Awareness Through Movement Group Classes in Salt Room

The Nine Essentials Transform Your Life through NeuroMovement®

Awareness Through Movement classes are on Tuesdays at 6pm  
 55 min class only $30  

To reserve your session call 519-589-7258. or email:

Awareness Through Movement Group Classes
Be guided through a movement lesson in a group class setting. Most people find that pain is reduced.
They feel lighter, more grounded and move much easier. These movements were created from developmental movements and judo with over 1000 different movement lessons, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.
Anat Baniel has developed the NineEssensals® transform Your Life Through NeuroMovement (R). Implementing these 9 essentials in your life will have profound effects. Helping you live the life of your dreams, moving, thinking and becoming the person you look at in the mirror and totally love!

Who would benefit from these classes:
• People who suffer with neck and shoulder pain
• People who suffer with back pain
• People that want to breath better
• Musicians that want to play better
• Athletes that want to perform at their optimum
• Women and men going through hormonal changes
• People that want better focus

You will be bringing awareness to your body, mind and spirit using the Nine Essentials.
These Nine Essentials can be used in all of your life for profound changes.